What are you crazy about?

It’s Valentine’s Day, or—as I mentioned in a former post—Cupid Stupid Day. While not a fan of being told when to tell the people I love that I’m crazy about them, today gets me thinking about the idea of being head over heels for something/someone.

I am crazy about all things pumpkin spice. Unlike pseudo pumpkin lovers out there—the type whose hankering for pumpkiny-goodness emerges only when it’s chunky scarves and boots time—I am the real pumpkin spice deal. My crazy is not seasonal. It’s a 365-affair. I am dedicated and faithful to my crazy.

You know how they say, “If you looked up the definition of crazy, my picture would be in the dictionary.”? Well…

Pumpkin spice (PS) coffee is my jam. Again, some people think this is a seasonal drink. Silly pseudo-PS’ers! This clovey love-in-a-mug should weave its steamy magic year-round. To accommodate my crazy, I had to find a way to ensure I could have PS coffee January-December. A few years ago, I came across the idea of ordering a year’s supply of PS coffee from Keurig at the end of their selling season. If that seems a bit much, just wait; there’s more.

The first year I did this online, I got to the checkout screen and was asked, “Is this a gift?” I thought, “Why yes, it is” and clicked affirmatively. A new screen popped up with the best question ever, “Would you like to send a gift note?” I thought, “I certainly do” and tapped a note to myself thus birthing a new tradition: To me from me. Below is 2016’s “Note to Crazy” offering…

As crazy as I am for PS I am more crazy for JC—Jesus Christ. I love Him, and on this Valentine’s Day, my heart is overflowing with wanting to celebrate the One who loved me before any others did. (We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19) I love Jesus. He is my first thought in the morning and my last thought in prayer at night. I see Him all around me—in good times and bad.

This week, I had the privilege of talking with a couple of friends as they are navigating some shocking situations in their lives. I’ve listened as they mechanically unloaded the details of their living nightmare until tears broke the stoic dam holding them back. I was overwhelmed. Their pain made my head spin. As the story unfolded, I was seeing what they were seeing: swirling chaos. What in the world could I say that would help their hurt? Answer: Nothing. However, with wisdom, I’ve learned: When you don’t know what to say, don’t talk—pray.

I prayed asking for wisdom and healing.  Each time, He delivered. THIS is Who I’m crazy about. The One who can take every hurt and cover it with peace, clean it with power and convert it to purpose. The situations are still difficult, but God—invited in for a new dose of His understanding—is the great game-changer. His loving wisdom is better than anything, and I’m crazy about Him.

I have this sitting beside my bed.

I love me some PS, but I love Jesus better than pumpkin anything. From the definition at the top of this article, I am #2 crazy about Jesus. I’m extremely enthusiastic, passionate about, enamored with, keen on and infatuated with Him. This is how I love Jesus. He’s not dry and distant. He is One to get fired up about.

Are you enjoying this kind of love with Him? If so, give a huge bouquet of grateful Valentine’s Day prayer to the One who loved you first. If not, message me and let’s get you connected to someone who can help. Let this Valentine’s Day ignite a passion that never lets you down.


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  1. Your heart is like a warm blanket to me sweet sister friend, I’m SO glad God didn’t let me be “done” with you!! LOL!! I love you

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