If you’re looking for more peace, power, and purpose in your life, I’m excited to have you here! Your being on this site isn’t an accident: it’s a positive step toward owning those traits.

Growing up in a hairdressing family, my first career was as an instructor in my parents’ cosmetology schools. After teaching for 10 years, I became a hairdressing platform artist. I traveled all over the U.S., China, Vietnam, Germany, Mexico, Israel, and Canada teaching the latest haircutting techniques for the next 15 years. Throughout this amazing career, I stayed close to my Christian upbringing, maintained an active role in my church, and served on global mission trips.

Lisa Miller-Rich hairdresser
… back in the hairdressing days on stage in NYC

In 1998, God gave me the clear direction that He wanted to use me in full time ministry. Following His lead, I began a slow-paced, character-building path toward fulfilling this call.

I have my B.A. in General Ministry from Lincoln Christian University. My first ministry position was as Pastor of Local Outreach at Eastview Christian Church in Normal, IL (2012-2014). Following a move to Tennessee, I served as Pastor of Connections, Outreach and Life Groups at Friendship Community Church in Mt. Juliet (2014-2016). Currently, I’m focusing full-time on speaking and writing. I’m blessed to live with my husband, Art, in Old Hickory, TN with our daughter, Zandra. Lukas, our son, is in college and working in Illinois. I love being a part of this Fab 4!

Lisa Miller-Rich Family

My joy is to present God’s word in such a way that people cannot stay away from Jesus. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, I seek to bring a message of logic married to a presentation style of humor and earthy truth. I’m about getting God’s ideas out in ways that will help you and me take our next step in growing stronger and living lives filled with peace, power, and purpose.

For every good thing I see God do, you’ll hear me say my signature phrase, “Glory Up!