Preaching at my Home Church

Maroa United Methodist Church in Illinois was my home church until I was 29. They loved me well, taught me and showed Jesus to me. I have so many amazing memories with these people. In May, I had the deep honor to go home and preach for the service. Pastor Nic Showalter sent this note to me after:

I want you to know how much I appreciated your leadership in our worship a few weeks ago.  I’m always very anxious about guest preachers/pastors in worship – especially when I am not assured from experienced that they will lead with quality and thoughtfulness. I was at peace with you way before you even began.
Selfishly speaking, it was so fun to get to sit back and listen and be led and taught – thank you for that so much. And, I cannot thank you enough for what you said about our pastoral transition here and the new experience for this congregation of accepting a woman pastor.
You said it so well and with obvious credibility.
It was a good, old fashioned time of fellowship with these saints.
…I guess you can go home.
Lisa Miller-RIch
In May ’17, I preached at my home church from the Bible I was given by the church when I was in 3rd grade. Glory Up!
Lisa Miller-Rich
In order for God to show up in the slideshow of our lives, we have to be close enough to Him for Him to be in our selfies. Paused in the sermon to take selfies with the folks from my home church!

Lisa Miller-Rich

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